Giro Trail Builder

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Trail Builder Glove

THE TRAIL BUILDER GLOVE CAME TO LIFE AFTER SEEING ALL OF OUR TRAIL BUILDING FRIENDS USING OUR BELOVED DND OUT ON THE DIG DAYS. WE IMMEDIATELY SAW THE NEED FOR A TOUGHER, MORE PROTECTIVE GLOVE DESIGNED TO STAND UP TO THE WORK OF MAKING MOUNTAIN BIKING MORE ACCESSIBLE IN OUR COMMUNITIES, WHILE STILL BEING RAD ENOUGH TO RIDE IN. The result is a glove that can handle shovels, rakes and saws as comfortably and capably as a handlebar, thanks to the Laredo microsuede palm and reinforced fourchettes. And with attention to detail like added backhand protection and extra absorbent Terry for wiping sweat, it's all you need for your best days on the trail.

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