Winter Service

Photo by Guy Cowger


Ski and Snowboard Tunes 


   Premium Tune: $80 

Base Clean, Base Grind, Stone Grind with Custom Structure, Edge Grind, Full P-Tex Repair, Hand Deburr and Edge, Fine Tune with Custom Base Bevel and Edge Angle, Four Stage High Polish Edge Treatment, Three Stage High Performance Hot Wax


   Standard Tune: $60 (BEST VALUE)

Base Clean, Base Grind, Stone Grind w/ base structure (Ski Only), P-Tex Base Repair, Edge Sharpen and Deburr, Two Stage High Performance Hot Wax


   Basic Tune (aka The Ol' Edge and Wax, aka The Poor College Student): $40

Base Clean, Base Grind, Edge Sharpen and DeBurr, Hot Wax




Binding Service


   Alpine Binding Mount Adjustment and Vermont Test: $75

       With Binding Purchase: $40

       With Ski Package Purchase: $15


   Binding Adjustment and Vermont Test: $25


   Cross Country Mount: $25

       With Purchase: $15


Telemark/AT/Tech Binding Mount: $100


   Snowboard Binding Mount: $20



Additional Services



   Hot Wax: $15


   Epoxy Repair: $20-$60


   Base Patch and Edge Repair: Pricing on per Case Basis





*If you need replacement binding parts, please bring us ski/board and bindings so we can provide the best match possible.

    Additional Services Available