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Shop Burton Step On

Explore the ultimate convenience of Burton Step On snowboard bindings and boots – a seamless blend of performance, ease, and comfort. Step into a new era of snowboarding with these innovative bindings, designed for quick entry and precise control.

Many of the riders on staff at Pathfinder love the new Step On binding system from Burton.  Some of our favorite benefits are:

Quick Entry and Exit

No need to sit in the snow to strap up. In fact, with a little practice you won't even have to stop after getting off the lift. This ultimate convenience might even yield you a couple extra runs over the course of a day!

Top Notch Performance

There is no sacrifice in performance when you make the switch to Burton Step On. Actually, we have found that these bindings offer BETTER engagement and edge control than traditional bindings. Think about it, you are literally clipped to the board at your toes and heel! It makes sense that edge to edge control would be instant and powerful. Step On gives you a fantastic all-mountain riding experience.

Super Comfortable

Without straps you eliminate the pressure point on your ankle all together. Modern bindings have come a long way in making straps more comfortable but nothing is more comfy than the straps not being there.

Universally compatible

Burton Step On bindings work with all current snowboard mounting systems, including 4x4, 3D®, and The Channel®. This means you can upgrade to Step On bindings without limiting your choice of snowboard.