Snowboard Boot Fit Tips

Know How Snowboard Boots Are Supposed To Fit:

Snowboard boots should feel comfortably snug everywhere—heel, instep, and toebox.  Your toes should be barely touching the front edge.  If a boot fits "just right" out of the box, chances are it will be too big when to boots break in.  Specifically as the heel pocket breaks in your foot pulls away from the front edge of the boot, allowing for some toe wiggle room. It usually takes 4-8 times riding to break in your boots.  Or you can have them heat molded at a shop to simulate the break in process.  

Know Your Shoe Size:

We mean your actual shoe size.  More often than not, when we ask someone their shoe size before we measure their foot they tell us anywhere from a half to two sizes bigger than what they measure at.  A half size bigger in your favorite pair of sneakers isn't a big deal, but your snowboard boots need to fit snug everywhere for proper performance, prevent foot pain and prevent blisters.

Leave the Cotton Socks at Home:

Do NOT use cotton socks.  Cotton retain moisture which causes blisters and cold feet.  We suggest wool, synthetic or a mixture of both.  Ski/Snowboard socks are specifically built to add support and comfort. 

Helpful Trick

  1. Put your boot on and tighten it up like you're about to go riding. 
  2. Now stand up straight with you knees locked.  You toes should be lightly touching the front of the boot.  Not enough to bend your toes, but there should be contact.
  3. Now get into your snowboard stance with your knees bent.  You should feel pressure on your shins as you flex the boot.  In this stance, your toes should pull away from the front of the boot.

Why Does This Work?

A snowboard boot is designed to fit when you are snowboarding, not when you are walking around.  Look at your boot from the side.  Notice the way the entire boot leans forward.  This shape will force your foot forward when you stand up straight, causing your toes to hit the front of the boot.  However, when you bend your knees and get into your snowboarding stance, your foot moves back into the proper position for riding.  You toes will leave the front of the boot as your heel sinks into the heel pocket.

Graphic showing fit when standing straightGraphic showing fit when leaned forward

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