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A typical roof rack install requires 2-3 different elements:

  • Load Bars

    These are the actual bars that span the width of the vehicle.  They are available in multiple widths to match your vehicle.  Pathfinder sells all load bars in pairs (front and back) unless otherwise noted.

  • Footpack

    The Footpack consists of the 4 towers to which the load bars attach, a left and right tower for each load bar.  There are several options for Footpacks depending on the roof style of the vehicle (e.g. Raised roof railings, flush roof railing, fixed mounting points, naked roof, etc.).  Pathfinder sells these in 4-packs (left and right for each load bar) unless otherwise noted.

  • Fit Kit

    The Fit Kit is the very specific hardware necessary to attach the Footpack to your vehicle.  It contains the bolts, studs, clamps, and/or pads that are specifically tailored to your Year/Make/Model vehicle.  This is a necessary element in order to attach most Footpacks to your vehicle.  The exception is that vehicles that are compatible with the EVO Raised Rail Footpack do not require a Fit Kit.

    Due to the specificity of the Fit Kit, please call us at 304-296-0076 or email [email protected] with the Year/Make/Model of your vehicle so we can ensure you get the correct Fit Kit.

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